Save and Invest, not in coming time, but right from Now! Cos, the cost of delay in doing the same, or the cost of “procrastination” can be huge J  Don’t delay your savings& investments!Waiting to begin a savings & investment… Continue Reading →

Tips for A Woman’s secure financial future

Women’s Day Special –Tip #1 for a Secure Financial Future Save regularly for a rainy day Women’s Day Special –Tip #2 for a Secure Financial Future Do not shy from taking risks Women’s Day Special –Tip #3 for a Secure… Continue Reading →

Tax Increase by 0.5% – Swachh Bharat Cess

Dear Investor, As per the Finance Act, 2015, the Government has decided to levy the Swachh Bharat Cess as proposed in the Union budget, 2015. The cess will be levied at the rate of 0.5% in addition to the 14%… Continue Reading →

What is Systematic Investment Plan or SIP?

SIP works on the principle of regular investments. It is like your recurring deposit where you put in a small amount every month. It allows you to invest in a MF by making smaller periodic investments (monthly or quarterly) in… Continue Reading →

Pension system for the future needs new thinking

India’s current complex and fragmented pension system requires new thinking if it is to be transformed from a welfare-oriented to needs-oriented system, with much greater accessibility and sustainability. Elements of this thinking need to be designed and implemented in a… Continue Reading →

We Have Moved to a New Office!

We are excited to announce that our team has moved to a new location in Jayanagar 4th Block.  We spent more than a decade in a building about 4 kilometres away from our new location — our old office served… Continue Reading →

Post-retirement plans

Like every entrepreneurial venture, this requires a good business idea, capital and expertise, and can only be achieved with proper preparation. Hobbies, too, can become a profession with the right skills, and serve as a source of second income. There… Continue Reading →

Three money lessons to learn this Dussehra

Dussehra is one of the major festivals in Hindu tradition. It’s considered auspicious for new beginnings in family and finances. And to facilitate such rituals and associated formalities, celebrations, we often incur unnecessary expenses. Once we deep dive into our… Continue Reading →

Simple tips for buying Life Insurance policy

Tip #1: Understand why you need an insurance policy One should always have a clear idea as to why he/she should buy insurance. We say that you must have a purpose. If there is no purpose, please don’t buy as… Continue Reading →

Tapping the Future

The life of human being would be amazing and exciting if they get every single necessity at one place without any hassles.It could be incredible if they don’t have to walk around and search for the basic needs.The life would… Continue Reading →

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